About us

Who we are

We are a team of change-makers who believe that every helping hand can help an organization build and create a better future for them and those they serve.

We started extending help to local organizations across the country with a Society of individuals who were eager to come together and provide better opportunities to the organizations. This moment intensified when we found that there were many, mostly strangers , who came together for one cause, the mission . Our team expanded and we spread out in different regions to make sure we cover all possible areas and help as many organizations as possible.

We now have a society of 600+ members that help raise funds, volunteer, and come together as a community to help bring The WBS Charity Foundation’s mission to life. This is done through a variety of special events held throughout the country both in-person and or virtually so anyone can join us anytime and have an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Organizations we have supported

Our approach

Our Mission
Our mission is to unify people to raise awareness and funding for charitable organizations across the country by sharing the love of bourbon and philanthropy, hosting special events, and providing unforgettable experiences.

Whether it is a reassuring conversation, financial help, education, professional training, sharing stories and bourbon or simply the assurance that they are not alone, we will make sure that the organizations gets the support that meets their goals and the needs of their clients where they’re at as quickly as possible.

Our Vision
Our vision is to provide the ultimate support to the core organizations that we support yearly.

Our members want to see their local organizations striving and growing with the support from one another. This is done yearly through the hosting of five major special events and three large bourbon raffles. Bringing our members together to raise funds and awareness to the charitable organizations in support. We want to spread out in every region so we’ll be reachable to all and grow to be the providers of resources for Veteran and Cancer Outreach Programs.